Is red noise different from brown noise?

The difference between Red and Brown noise has to do with their frequency, intensity and how they are produced.

Brown Noise is generated with one tone. It’s basically a combination of all the sounds we hear in our daily lives.

Brown noise is a smooth sound with a slow, wavering pitch. Red noise is a combination of multiple frequencies which are very close together.

Red noise is a faster, harsher sound with a deeper pitch. This is the noise a dog hears before a storm, or a human hears before an airplane takes off.


  1. Red noise is just one type of noise. Brown noise is another type of noise that is known for its ability to create a sense of calm.

    Red noise has a little bit of a higher pitch and is more similar to the noise that you hear when you turn on the heater or fan in the room. Brown noise sounds more like the static that comes on the television sometimes.

  2. Red Noise is the same as Brown Noise, but in a different frequency range.

    Red Noise has a lower frequency range and is therefore uncomfortable to the ears. While low frequencies sound almost like a growl, red noise sounds more like a mosquito buzzing.

    So if you have tinnitus, you will find red noise more uncomfortable to listen to. Red noise is also good for masking white noise.

  3. (we are giving an answer from the theory of signal processing) No, they are not different. Red noise is also known as Brownian noise or pink noise. Brown noise is the noise with a frequency spectrum which has equal power in octaves. It is called so because it resembles the frequency spectrum of Brownian motion.

    The power of Brownian noise is inversely proportional to the frequency. The power increases with the hashing of frequency. The equal amount of power over octaves makes Brownian noise useful in certain fields like audio, aerospace etc.

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